Practical information

Information before the execution of the sentence

Visiting address to Romerike prison, Ullersmo ward: Ullersmovegen 5, 2040 Kløfta. Switchboard: 63927300.

How to get to jail

What must the convicted person bring with them?

The convicted person must bring a summons and approved identification, as well as be unaffected by drugs.

What can the convicted person bring with them?

The convicted person may bring clothes, shoes, training clothes, headgear, gloves, pajamas, bathrobe, razor, a limited range of utensils and decorations, stereo / discman (limited size) and CDs without recording. At the Kroksrud department, you can also have a radio with CD or cassette player and TV (limited size). A list of these is attached to the notice.

What does the convicted person get handed over?

The prison hands out necessary toiletries on arrival. (Private toiletries are not allowed). If necessary, the prison can lend clothes / shoes to a limited extent.

What happens in the first days in prison?

During the first days in prison, the inmate will generally be placed in a separate reception ward, where he will be approached by representatives from various services in the prison (the Education Department, the clergy service, the social services, etc.) with a view to mapping needs. Prisoners will also be offered a mapping interview with prison officials, which will ensure that the prison receives up-to-date information on private status, medical situation, relationship to drugs, desire to use the sentence execution time, information dissemination, distribution of information material, internal regulations and more.

What can the inmate buy from goods in prison?

The inmates can shop among a large selection of items from the local convenience store in the prison. Within a safe framework set by the prison, the inmates can make requests about which goods should be included in the product range.

What opportunities does the inmate have for telephoning?

The inmates can call for 20 minutes each week depending on capacity. Distribution takes place according to lists. In ordinary community wards, cordless telephones are handed out for use in one's own room. All calls are routinely intercepted, unless this appears to be a security concern or the telephone call is of a nature that cannot be intercepted.

Do prison staff have a duty of confidentiality?

Everyone who serves in the penitentiary is subject to the rules on professional secrecy that follow from the Public Administration Act. The person in question is also subject to a duty of confidentiality in relation to what he or she learns in connection with the service about security matters in the penal care.

Leisure / Cultural offer

Romerike prison is a prison with a high level of security, where the leisure facilities and premises are adapted to the requirements for security and control. The institution has its own leisure department, where three leisure leaders have independent responsibility for leisure activities adapted to the needs of the inmates. The training activities have a great diversity, both indoors and outdoors. The most popular forms of exercise are:

  • Training with weights
  • Fotball
  • Floorball
  • Volleyball
  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Badminton
  • Spinning

Events are set up regularly by the leisure department, which also has a varied range of courses for inmates. This can be, for example, concerts, courses in ceramics, guitar playing and fly tying.

The county library in Akershus is represented by a separate department in the institution. Here, inmates can borrow books, CDs, magazines, etc. The inmates have the opportunity to order literature that is not in prison from other libraries. Including foreign literature.