Postal addresses

Postal addresses / telephone numbers

Prison care region east - Romerike prison

We point out that the Prison and Probation Service and Romerike Prison have different postal addresses. Documents such as visit permit applications etc. are sent to the document center. Mail to inmates is sent directly to the prison, respectively Romerike prison, Ullersmo or Kroksrud ward.

Mail to the prison, including applications for a visit permit, is sent to:

Romerike prison
The Document Center
PO 694

Private mail and packages for inmates are sent to

· For Romerike prison:

Romerike prison / Prisoner's name
PO 2
2041 Kløfta

· For Kroksrud:

Romerike prison, Kroksrud ward / Prisoner's name
PO 2
2041 Kløfta

Visiting address, telephone number and account number:

Ullersmovegen 5, 2040 Kløfta.

Switchboard: 63927300

Account number for depositing private money 5082 0700 586, marked with the inmate's name and date of birth in the comments field. It is important that this is not written in to the field, as it will automatically be changed to the Prison and Probation Service and the prisoners' names do not appear.