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Information for visitors to Romerike prison

Prisoners serving sentences or custody may, with simple restrictions, receive visits from family and friends in prison. The Prison and Probation Service considers that the conduct of visits is of great importance to the prisoner and an important part of the objective of normalization during the execution of the sentence.

Visiting permit and identification
A prerequisite for being able to visit inmates is that the inmate wants to receive a visit. Before a possible visit can be carried out, the person who wants to visit must submit an application to the prison. It must contain name, birth number (11 digits), complete address, names of inmates you want to visit, and relationship to the person.

Foreign visitors who wish to visit inmates at Romerike prison must obtain a certificate of good conduct from the country of which they are a citizen and send it together with the application form and copy of passport. Applications without a certificate of good conduct will not be processed. The application must also include a passport number.

In connection with the control of visitors, additional personal information is collected and registered, such as relation to the prisoner, manners and other relevant information from the police.

For more information on the processing of personal data see:

As an approved visitor to Romerike prison, you will be sent a special visit permit. Identification must be brought to each visit. Application for a visit permit can also be rejected. Any refusal can be appealed to the overall management level. For persons who represent prisoners as a representative and / or lawyer, special rules apply.

The visiting ward in Romerike prison
Visits to the prison are carried out in a special visiting ward. Depending on the form of control at the visit, visits are carried out in separate visiting rooms or in a larger common visiting room with employees present. In special cases, a glass wall can be used if this is considered necessary.

All guest rooms are non-smoking.

Visits from children
Children are welcome in the prison. Four of the visiting rooms are specially decorated for children's visits. There are DVD players in these rooms with the possibility of borrowing various children's movies. The children's rooms are also equipped with various toys, children's and young people's books, games and DVD movies are lent to the children on request. There is also an outdoor area that can be used during visits by children. Persons under the age of 16 are only given access to the prison if they belong to the inmate's immediate family, and are accompanied by a guardian. Persons under the age of 18 are not allowed to visit prisoners alone without written authorization from their parents.

Child responsible
If you want to talk to the child welfare officer, call Romerike prison on telephone 63927300 and ask for the child welfare officer June. If the child manager is not available, leave your name and telephone number, and you will be contacted.

Visit booking

Se visit booking form

General rules regarding visits to the prison

  1. Inmates can normally receive visits once a week for up to one hour. With available capacity, the visit can be extended. Visitors who have few visits and an extra long journey can receive extended visits if capacity is available.
  2. Inmates can keep a list of up to 4 people he wants to visit. In this context, the next of kin is considered as one person and includes: parents, children, cohabitant or spouse, siblings and grandparents.
  3. People who are, or who appear to be under the influence of drugs such as alcohol, narcotics, etc., are not given access to the prison.
  4. Persons who carry out punishment, or have been charged or convicted of drug crimes during the last five years, are generally not allowed to visit prisoners.
  5. It is not allowed for visitors to bring animals of any kind into the institution.

For security reasons, visits to the prison may be subject to one or more control measures. All belongings, bags, watches, keys, mobile phones, medicines etc. must be left in a special storage box, where a coin coin NOK is to be used. 10. You must agree to pass through the metal detector and / or body scanner. Outerwear and shoes are checked in an X-ray machine.

For visitors who have implants and the like that can make a difference in a metal detector, it is requested that a medical certificate be presented during a check in the gatekeeper.

To facilitate control, the prison recommends that you do not bring loose metal objects, and that you avoid the use of clothing (especially bras with metal arrows) and shoes with inlaid metal parts.

As part of the work to combat drug abuse in prison, it will be possible to expect people to search with the use of drug dogs.

For questions or other inquiries regarding visits, the e-mail address below can be used:

Welcome as a visitor!