Visit inmates

Rules for visits

Parking for visitors is on the right before the barrier.

Arrive 15 minutes before the visiting time begins so that you avoid using the visiting time for check-in.

Visitors who are unknown to employees and who cannot provide identification will be rejected (The requirement for identification does not apply to children under 15).

All visitors must show valid identification such as a driver's license, passport, bank card with photo, or similar.

Digital driving licences, school certificates, business cards, monthly passes or the like are not accepted.

For security reasons, everyone entering the prison must pass through a metal detector portal. This portal is similar to those found at airports. All outerwear and shoes must be removed and checked via a metal detector. No one is allowed into the institution as long as the portal makes an impact and visitors are advised to avoid clothes (bras) with metal buckles, pillars and the like. Visitors may be asked to be visited in body scanner, read more about it here .

In the case of implants or metal objects in the body, a letter from a doctor must be submitted to this effect.

The visitor is only allowed to bring bank cards and coins that can be used at machines in the visitors' department's waiting room. Here there are opportunities to buy snacks, sweets and soft drinks.

Bags, wallets, watches and keys must be locked in a storage cupboard in the concierge, 10 kroner is used for these lockers.

In addition, control can be performed when using a drug dog.

The visiting department has a total of 15 rooms, of which 4 are intended for children's visits, 6 rooms for uncontrolled visits and 5 for lawyers and the like. In addition, there is a larger visitor hall for deviating from controlled visits. For children's visits without special control measures, there is a limited outdoor area with various toys that can be used during visits with children.


How to book a visit

After being approved and trusted for visits, you can book a visit through the website or by mail to for Ullersmo ward / Ila prison, and for Kroksrud department. It is preferred that visit bookings are made by email, mail is answered every weekday between 08:00 and 14:00.

Bookings for visits to the Ullersmo department are made by calling telephone number 63927447, Tuesdays and Thursdays between 09.00 and 11.

It is not necessary to apply for additional visiting hours. All applications from other than inmates regarding this will not be processed.

Visiting hours can be found at this page, and booking of visits must be made at least one day in advance of the visit.

Lawyers must also give notice in advance, otherwise no waiting time must be expected. Please indicate if an interpreter is to be present.


Lawyers and relatives

Lawyers and relatives can book visits via e-mail
It is then important that the e-mail contains the following information:

  •  Names of visitors
  •  Prisoner's name
  •  Date and date of visit
  •  Time

We answer e-mails until 1400 every day of the week

Video chat visit

As a measure to ease the strain during covid-19, video calls with the iPad were introduced. This has now become a permanent arrangement, and you tick whether you want a video call, visit or both when you fill out a clearance form for visits and video visits.

All inmates can choose 4 addresses they want to conduct a video call with (iPad). There are inmates who book an appointment for an interview when a decision on approval has been made.

Video calls (iPad) follow the rules that apply to visits, cf. the Execution of Sentences Act § 31 with regulations and associated guidelines. Furthermore, circular no. 3/2020 from the Norwegian Prison and Probation Service on the conduct of video interviews applies.

Click here to download "Guidance for conducting a virtual visit to the Prison and Probation Service"