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Romerike fengsel med underavdelinger


Regarding requests for possible research in Ullersmo prison, Norway:

Any students and / or researchers who would like to conduct studies within the Norwegian correctional services, need to process a formal application through the regional office the prison is sorted under, in this case:

The Norwegian correctional services
Eastern region
Postboks 694
4305 Sandnes

or by e-mail:

If you wish to forward an application as a student or a researcher, we recommend that you specify the goal of the study, who the targeted persons are, how the study is to be conducted, how the data will be handled, stored and so on. We also recommend that you forward your thesis or the research proposal as well as a letter of recommendation (including a short description on how a visit to a Norwegian correctional facility is beneficial to your academic work) from your academic institution to process an application for a visit.