practical information

practical information

Romerike prison is located in Ullensaker municipality and is a prison unit with a high level of security. The prison has an ordinary capacity of 213 places. The target group for the prison is male prisoners with longer sentences for serious crime, foreign prisoners with no connection to Norway, as well as persons who are remanded in custody on suspicion of criminal offenses.

Romerike prison also has a ward with a lower security level (Kroksrud ward). Krogsrud department has an ordinary capacity of 62 places. For further information about Kroksrud department, see separate point to this department.


Romerike prison shall base its activities on the content of Report to the Storting no. 37 (2007-2008) Punishment that works - less crime - a safer society and in all actions and measures safeguard the interests of security, appropriateness and the interests of the general sense of justice.

Romerike prison goals:

1. Reduced crime

  • Rapid execution of sentence execution and custody.
  • Better facilitation for a crime-free life after serving a sentence.

2. Increased security and social security

  • Security during sentencing and custody

3. A more efficient justice sector

  • Efficient operation in line with current regulations
  • A knowledge-based prison care

The values ​​of Roman prisons:

Romerike prison believes that everyone is responsible for their own lives. Execution of sentences shall take into account the purpose of the sentence, counteract new criminal acts, be reassuring for society and within these frameworks ensure the imprisoned / convicted person satisfactory conditions.

The execution of sentences shall be based on a humanistic view of human beings. All people, regardless of life situation, should be treated with respect. We believe that people can change their behavior if the conditions are adapted.

At the same time, we acknowledge that some people do not want to change their way of life and that prison care must also adapt to this.

Integrity and a high ethical standard are valued. We strive for conscious attitudes to what it means to be part of society's power apparatus. The principle of legal certainty and equal treatment, the principle that one has settled for oneself when the punishment has been carried out, and the principle of normality is used as a basis.

Responsible for the business: prison manager Ole Jonny Rydland