About Romerike prison

About Romerike prison

Romerike prison, Ullersmo department is located in Ullensaker municipality and is a prison unit with a high level of security. The prison has an ordinary capacity of 238 places. The target group for the prison is male prisoners with longer sentences for serious crime, foreign prisoners with no connection to Norway, as well as persons who are remanded in custody on suspicion of criminal offenses.

Romerike prison also has a ward with a lower security level (Kroksrud ward). Kroksrud department has an ordinary capacity of 62 places. For further information about Kroksrud department, see separate point to this department.

Youth Unit East is a prison for minor inmates. The unit is a nationwide offer for inmates aged 15-18 years. Youth Unit East is a subdivision of Romerike Prison, and a unit with a high level of security. The unit receives both remand prisoners and convicts. The prison has room for 4 inmates.


Department Ullersmo
E-mail: postmottak-8215@kriminalomsorg.no
Switchboard: 63 92 73 00
Visitation booking: 63 92 74 47 (Tuesday and Thursday between 09: 00-11: 00)

Department Kroksrud
E-mail: postmottak-8216@kriminalomsorg.no
Phone 63 94 36 70

Youth unit east
E-mail: postmottak-8219@kriminalomsorg.no
Phone 62 78 29 01


Romerike prison motto and culture:


Together towards common goals.

Our culture should be characterized by:

-We stand together to achieve common goals.

-We talk to each other.

-We address challenges in a constructive way.

-We respect each other's profession and importance.

-We will appear as good role models for colleagues, partners, inmates and society.

-We all take responsibility for developing a good working environment.

-We focus on good feedback work.

-We have a balanced and good security work that secures employees and inmates.

-We are good representatives of our organization.