Research in Norwegian prisons is subject to relatively strict regulations.

In order to be assessed in relation to a research project, you must design a project description that describes the project in more detail, the purpose of it, what the research material is to be used for, what methods you intend to use, how the research is to be carried out in practice, how many inmates are to be involved, processing of research data, storage, etc.

The project description is sent to the regional office to which the prison is located, with an application to conduct research in the prison. Romerike prison is subject to information for information:

Correctional services region east
Document Center
PO 694
4305 Sandes

or by e-mail:

The region will ensure the quality of the research scheme in accordance with centrally established guidelines. The prison will then be sent the project for assessment, including whether the prison has the capacity to contribute to the implementation. The prison's recommendation in the case is sent to the regional office, which is given the authority to grant or reject such applications.

On a general basis, Ullersmo Prison draws attention to the fact that the Prison and Probation Service will never disclose personal information about prisoners to researchers or research groups. If the researcher wishes to get in touch with specific inmates and / or inmate groups, the prison will, however, be able to convey information to this / these, possibly help to post a poster about the research project, so that the inmates can contact the researcher / research group directly. ”