For school students

For school students

Romerike prison facilitates visits / tours of the prison for school classes at upper secondary level. The tour is during the day, and visitors are given an introduction to Storting report § 37 Punishment that gives way - less crime - safer society.

The punishment shall be carried out in a manner that takes into account the purpose of the punishment, which counteracts new criminal acts, which is reassuring for society and which within these frameworks ensures the prisoners satisfactory conditions.

The activities in the penal care are based on 5 pillars:

  1. What the legislature has said is the purpose of the punishment
  2. A humanistic view of man.
  3. The principle of legal certainty and equal treatment.
  4. The principle that one has made up for oneself when the punishment has been served.
  5. The principle of normality.

In order to get a visit, it is important that all visitors are approved by the police. Inquiries can be arranged with the department head on telephone 63927437, e-mail mailto: or fax 63927301.