Important info !!!
The visitor office will be closed in week 29 at Kroksrud department, visits and video visit orders must be submitted no later than Thursday 14.07.22.

Extended case processing time for application for visitor clearance submitted in weeks 29, 30 and 31.

Visitors book visits at Romerike prison, Kroksrud ward by e-mail mailto:

See general rules for booking a visit

Rules for visits

Visits are normally made for a duration of 2 hours, but there is the possibility of expansion if there is spare capacity. The prison has three visiting rooms which are furnished with a sofa, table and two chairs. All visiting rooms are non-smoking.

Mineral water is sold from vending machines. Coffee and tea are free.

During the summer, an outdoor visiting area is open for those who have children visiting

Video visit

As a measure to ease the strain during covid-19, video calls with the iPad were introduced. This has now become a permanent arrangement. Romerike prison, Kroksrud ward therefore wants to introduce new routines for the application process for video calls.

This means that:

All inmates can choose 4 people they want to conduct a video call with (iPad).

Prisoners contact the people they want to have a video conversation with.

If the person the inmate wants a video call with has already been cleared for a physical visit to Romerike prison, the inmate asks the person to send an e-mail to, where the person confirms the desired video call with inmates and which e-mail address to use.

If this person is not already trusted and listed on the visit list, the person must fill out an application form for a visit to Romerike prison - this form can be found at It is good if it is written in the application form that it is a visit with an iPad that is desired and which e-mail address is to be used.

A written renewed assessment will then be made of whether such a video interview can be carried out. Video calls (iPad) follow the rules that apply to visits, cf. the Execution of Sentences Act § 31 with regulations and associated guidelines. Furthermore, circular no. 3/2020 from the Norwegian Prison and Probation Service on the conduct of video interviews applies.