Kroksrud department

Kroksrud department


The telephone number for Kroksrud is 63 94 36 70


About Kroksrud

Kroksrud ward is located under Romerike prison, and is a ward with a lower security level. There is room for 62 male inmates.

The department accepts convicts and detainees with up to five years' remaining imprisonment, as long as this is considered expedient, safe and in line with the general legal opinion. Kroksrud department is located on Godtland near Kløfta, approx. 30 km north of Oslo. There is a good train and bus connection to Kløfta.

The department's geographical location is a good starting point for the implementation of time off for work, teaching or treatment in Oslo, Hamar and Lillestrøm.
Applications for transfer to the department are sent via service.
It is desirable that the application is substantiated, and that a possible future plan accompanies the application.
Contact information can be found at the bottom of the page.