Leisure activities

Leisure activities

Arenas in one large area within the fence for self-activity outside:

- Hiking / jogging trail, 1 km in a lot of forest terrain.
- Tennis court on asphalt.
- Course for beach volleyball and sand football.
- Floodlit pitch for football and other activities.
- equipment for badminton, bocce, frisbee golf.
- Barbecue area and campfire site.
- Possible contact with dog (kennel), and in summer ducks and horses.
- Opportunities for cycling and rollerblading.

Arenas / rooms inside administration buildings:

- Strength training
- Spinning
- Treadmill
- Dart
- Table tennis
- Billiards
- Hobby work
- Wardrobe / shower and sauna
- Service square for use in music workshops, group conversations and reading / writing
- Common dining room for gatherings such as services, video and theme / cozy evenings

Organized activities:

In institutions:

- Various tournaments, all depending on the seasons
- Video / TV on the big screen
- Courses / theme evenings
- Information and boys' evenings

Equipment and clothing for use by inmates in leisure time:

Leisure manager has maintenance of equipment for common use. Leisure leader has some lending of guitars, bicycles and skis for hiking, roller skating, and necessary equipment for outdoor life.
Inmates can have their own equipment such as bicycles, skis, tennis and frisbee golf at their own risk.

Inmates must have most of their own clothing and footwear.

Joint productions:

- Library once a week
- Shopping clothes and hobby / exercise equipment
- Participation in corporate sports, football, floorball, cycling and running
- Trips for social training for football matches, ice hockey matches, fairs, outdoor life, motorsports, bowling and voluntary networks
- Activities for those with their own children, dad groups
- Walking, skiing and training trips for running, cycling and training in the indoor hall
- Volunteers with and without accommodation in disability sports, motorsports, cycling, other voluntary organizations and camp school on Golsfjellet.

Participation in joint productions is granted upon application.
As a general rule, one must be produced with two officials.