- The situation in Oslo prison is serious and has a very great need for maintenance. New Oslo prison is therefore an important priority for the government. We have worked with alternatives in Bredtveit and Greenland. When the signals from Oslo municipality are clear that they do not want this, we listen and put away the Greenland alternative, so that we take a new round on where the prison should be located, says Minister of Justice and Emergency Management Monica Mæland (H).

The government will now work along two tracks: Expansion of the current prison at Ullersmo and finding another site for a new prison outside Oslo.

- What is being done concretely now is that we start a preliminary project for the expansion of Ullersmo prison with 76 prison places. Expansion has been regulated, the site is ready and the infrastructure is in place. It will therefore be possible to put it into operation from 2025, says Mæland.

In addition, the ministry will ask Statsbygg to carry out new site searches.

- I hope that politicians in the surrounding municipalities will take constructive action, so that we can get the best possible solution for prison care in the years to come, says Mæland.