Information about cases of infection at Romerike prison, Kroksrud ward

Romerike prison handles the corona situation on an equal footing with the rest of society and follows central and local infection control guidelines and the prison care guidelines.

Romerike Prison considers that we currently have good knowledge of the infection situation in the prison and that we take care of prisoners in a responsible manner. We work closely with the municipal health service and continuously make individual assessments of criminal offenses and other relevant measures.

Cases of infection

On Thursday 11 March 2021, an inmate at Romerike prison, Kroksrud ward, was diagnosed with Covid-19. It is confirmed to be the British mutation. Infection detection was immediately initiated and all inmates at Kroksrud were tested the same Thursday.

As there is an uncertain route of transmission, all employees who have service postings at Kroksrud or have been in contact with prisoners were asked to be tested. The test results from inmates showed another 5 infected, while the test results from employees have so far returned negative. We chose not to use rapid tests, as PCR tests are more sensitive and better suited to provide an overview of the situation.

There are no inmates with proven infection who are currently staying at the ward.


All prisoners at Kroksrud are now in quarantine. The quarantine is carried out on the cells, without access to common areas. Measures were taken to prevent the spread of the virus in the residential wards on Saturday 13 March, following a recommendation from the health service. This resulted in the quarantine being restarted with effect from Sunday 13 March. The quarantine lasts for 10 days, but the inmates will have the opportunity to test themselves out of the quarantine on day 7.

Those who have been diagnosed with the infection are isolated and followed up by officers in collaboration with the health department at Romerike prison. The isolation lasts for 10 days from a positive test result, provided that the inmates are symptom-free when the isolation is to be broken. The health department has conducted an infection detection interview with the inmates and implemented the necessary measures in the prison. The other close contacts have been passed on for infection detection in Ullensaker municipality, which has the total overview of the incident. The infection tracking team follows up on other close contacts.


With regard to questions about interruptions in the sentence, we find reason to state that the prison service may decide that the execution of the sentence shall be interrupted if the convicted person's state of health so requires, or when there are otherwise particularly compelling reasons that can not be remedied in any other way, cf. Section 35 of the Execution of Sentences Act. Furthermore, an interruption can only be granted where it is considered safe. The prison considers that the threshold for granting a suspended sentence is high in terms of the wording of the provision.

Romerike Prison's opinion is that at present there is no basis for granting criminal offenses to all prisoners. We find reason to note that continuous individual assessments are made separately with regard to the individual's state of health. All applications from inmates will be processed as soon as possible.


Romerike prison has a great understanding that this is a very demanding situation for inmates and we try as best we can to inform, guide and take care of all inmates in the best possible way in this special situation. Various compensatory measures have been implemented to reduce the burden on prisoners during the period and we will continuously consider further measures. Until further notice, there will be no opportunity for relatives to physically visit inmates in the prison.

Just contact the prison if there are any questions. We do our utmost to respond to the best of our ability.

Romerike prison

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