Youth unit east

Romerike prison, Youth Unit east (Eidsvoll)

Region: East
Device type: High security - youth unit (15-18 years)
Capacity: 4
Sex: Men and women
Youth Unit East is a prison for minor inmates. The unit is a nationwide offer for inmates aged 15-18 years. Youth Unit East is a subdivision of Romerike Prison, and a unit with a high level of security. The unit receives both remand prisoners and convicts. The prison has room for 4 inmates.

Visiting address:
Dønnumvegen 5-8, 2080 Eidsvoll


Visiting phone:
62782909 (weekdays 09: 00-11: 00)


Postal address:
Document Center, PO Box 694, 4302 Sandnes

Mail to inmates:
Romerike prison, Youth Unit east, Dønnumvegen 5-8, 2080 Eidsvoll