In short, Pappagruppa is a combined conversation and activity group.
The group is for prisoners who are fathers and have access to their own children.
The activities take place outside the institution approx. every third Saturday during the period the group lasts. We also have a camp stay of four days.

Conversation group

The discussion group gives the fathers an opportunity to talk about being parents / fathers. It is an arena where there is an opportunity to bring up topics for discussion with the others in the group. Some themes are regulars; do the children know that the father is in prison and how can we possibly tell them that, experiences from their own childhood, setting boundaries, etc. All group leaders are approved parent supervisors.
In the discussion group, we take as our starting point the eight topics for good interaction, taken from the ICDP program (program for parental guidance). Experiences / experiences from the activities are also reviewed in the discussion group.

The activities

The activities take place in and around the Oslo area. The activities aim to provide ideas for activities you can do with the children on your own, both in connection with your own leave and in the time after release.
Examples of activities can be; trips to Tøyenbadet, climbing centers, trips in the woods and fields, canoe trips, visits to various museums and the like. It is always the children who are in focus, and the fathers who are part of the group get a unique opportunity to spend quality time with their children.

It is important to point out that we should not teach anyone to be good fathers. The father group gives the fathers an opportunity to focus on the children and hopefully contribute to an awareness of the parental role, with the challenges it entails.

Who can join the group?

  • You are a father and have children aged 2-18 years
  • You have the right of access
  • You have not been convicted of child abuse
  • The mother of the children agrees to the prison to participate in the group
  • You have someone who can drive the kids to and from the activities
  • You agree to be placed in Kroksrud department until the end of the group
  • You master the Norwegian language well enough to be able to join a conversation group