Clearance form

Step 1 - Trust of visitors.

Before you can visit inmates at Romerike prison, you must be cleared. This is done by filling out the clearance application below. Foreign citizens must also submit an original certificate of good conduct from their home country in Norwegian or English in addition to the clearance application, as well as a copy of the passport.

The clearance application is then sent to the following address:

Romerike prison
The Document Center
PO 694
4305 Sandnes.

The information in the form is sent to the police. On the basis of this, the prison then receives any remarks from the police register. This then forms the basis for assessment of control measures on the visit, open visit or refusal of visit.

Everyone will receive an answer in the mail if they are approved / not approved for visits. Answers will come within a period of up to 3 weeks.

If the clearance application is approved, it is valid for one year, and visits can be booked in Step 2 - Visit booking form, in the electronic booking form below.

 Download clearance application |  Download clearance application (english)

Step 2 - Booking a visit

If the form of visit is a video call, state the same e-mail address as in "CLEARANCE OF VISITORS"