Clearance form

Step 1 - Trust of visitors.

Anyone wishing to visit inmates in Romerike prison must apply to be cleared for a visit. Children under the age of 15 must also apply, but no request for care will be sent to them.

Relatives who have a Norwegian social security number or D-number must apply electronically. This is done with a bank ID by logging in: This does not apply to clearance for video visits, here you still have to fill in and send the clearance form manually.

If you do not have an electronic ID, you must fill in an application form. Download the application form here. It may take a little longer to be cleared in this way. Answers will be sent to digipost. If you don't have digipost, it's good if you create one.

A visit clearance lasts for one year. Those who already have clearance do not need to reapply until the clearance is approaching.

Foreign nationals must apply on paper and must also submit a certificate of good conduct from their home country in Norwegian or English. Download the application form here.
Application forms can be sent to us by email: or by post: Romerike prison, Prisoner's name Postboks 2, 2041 Kløfta

Visits can be ordered when you have been sent a visit permit in the mail or in the self-service portal.
Visits can be booked either by email to: for Ullersmo department or for Kroksrud department, or by calling the visitor phone: 63927447. It is open Tuesday and Thursday at 0900-1100.

If the clearance application is approved, it is valid for one year, and visits can be booked in Step 2 - Visit booking form, in the electronic booking form below.

 Download clearance application |  Download clearance application (English)

Step 2 - Booking a visit

If the form of visit is a video call, state the same e-mail address as in "CLEARANCE OF VISITORS"