The prison's teaching department is headed by Jessheim upper secondary school. The ward in Ullersmo prison has approx. 60 school places, 15 self-study places and 12 employees. The school offers courses within vocational and study specialization education programs and primary school. More detailed info is given in an interview with a representative from the school. The school also facilitates studies at college and university level in collaboration with NAV and prison.

The Education Act regulates who has the right to education and which right one has. You are entitled to regular upper secondary education for three years (possibly several years if the education lasts longer) in accordance with the Education Act § 3-1. If you make a re-election (change field of study), you are entitled to one extra year. You can take two "waiting years" during the training without losing the right. You must use the right to upper secondary education during a continuous period of five years, or six years of apprenticeship. You must use the court before the end of the year you turn 24.

If you were born before 1 January 1978, and have completed primary school or equivalent, but not completed upper secondary education, you are entitled to upper secondary education (adult right) upon application. Section 4A-1 of the Education Act states that those who need primary and lower secondary education are entitled to such education. Minority language applicants must have a valid residence permit and have completed beginner training in Norwegian.

Section 5-1 of the Education Act stipulates the right to special education:

“Students who do not have or who can not get a satisfactory benefit from the ordinary the training offer, is entitled to special education. ”

Section 4A -3 of the Education Act states:

"Adults who have completed primary school or equivalent, but who have not completed upper secondary education, are entitled to a non-formal competence assessment upon application. Those who have such a right, adult right, also have the right to prior learning assessment. This provision applies to those who were born before 1 January 1978 and who have legal residence in Norway ”.