Romerike prison

Romerike prison, consists of the subdivisions Ullersmo, Kroksrud and Ungdomsenhet øst.

Ullersmo department, is located at Kløfta, in Ullensaker municipality and is a prison unit with a high level of security. The target group for the prison is male prisoners with long sentences for serious crime, remand prisoners and foreign prisoners. The capacity of the prison is 238 places. The prison has a special focus on prison education, including in the form of vocational training within in-demand vocational subjects.

Kroksrud department, is located in Godtland, in Ullensaker municipality, and is a prison unit with a low security level. The target group for the prison is male prisoners at the end of the sentence. The capacity of the prison is 62 places. The prison has a special focus on prison education, free time, a dog group and an outdoor group.

Youth unit east, is located on Dønnumskia, in Eidsvoll municipality, and is 1 of 2 prisons for minor inmates. The target group for the prison is minor inmates, from 15 to 18 years. The capacity of the prison is 4 places. The prisoners receive individually adapted content in their imprisonment process.


Food truck project - First step Foods

Romerike prison, department Kroksrud has in collaboration with Jessheim upper secondary school established a new project with a food truck that will be on the road for the sale of food outside the prison in connection with events, festivals, events, etc.

First Step Foods is registered as a regular company and shall be operated by inmates on commercial terms, in the same way as other companies outside the prison. This provides training for inmates in ordinary business operations, and will be useful after the execution of the sentence and in the return to society in general.

The overall goal of First Step Foods is that it should be a learning platform for inmates, and provide a realistic training in running an ordinary business with the challenges it can provide.

At all stages of the process, the inmates shall be responsible for choosing menus, purchasing raw materials, preparing the food and selling from the car. The inmates must also calculate sales prices, as well as keep ordinary accounts, operate the car, etc. The goal is for the business to be self-sustaining and any profits to go to the inmates at Kroksrud department in the form of social measures.

We want to use local suppliers of raw materials, a sustainable profile and reduced environmental footprint!

We encourage inmates from all prisons to apply for participation in the project. For info send an email to
Application for transfer to Romerike prison, Kroksrud ward is made through service.

News from Romerike prison

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